Arcade Cabinet Design, second assignment

This week’s assignment was to create a simple platform game in a Unity 2D environment. Rigidbodies and Colliders should be used to create physics, as well as the OnCollisionEnter2D function and the instantiation of a prefab during runtime.

It started out nice and smooth. I grabbed some images from Google to assemble a background of Sky, Grass, and Floor, as they were named in the Hierarchy. I then assigned them a “Background” Sorting Layer and gave them “-2”, “-1”, and “0” for their orders in layer, respectively. Finally I added a Box Collider 2D to the Floor and carefully resized it so that the Floor became a solid platform that my player could walk upon. read more

Arcade Cabinet Design, first assignment

Recreating a static scene from a movie is one of this week’s assignments. For this I created the central scene from Kim Ki-Duk’s  movie The Isle, that bear no real resemblance to the original. I haven’t found the code to embed the WebGL player in my blog post yet, so I’ll just post a link to it here.